For heart

For heart The soul human needs to be trusted as to heart to fight.

For heart it is necessary to trust!

But we and words such do not enter into consciousness of our children belief, we try to construct everything on proofs, as if life mathematical theorems: Prove!

go prove that people should sympathize!

If prove everything if that you do not prove, that and is not present, anything is not present neither the truth, nor love, neither conscience, nor pity.

One theorems.

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In such family

In such family For example, mother and the father, first of all, appreciate education.

In such family all children, as a rule, seek to get a good education.

But also here exceptions meet: it is quite possible that one of children somehow to prove, will accept value opposite Reaction of parents to behavior of children It is the most important factor of impact on the child because it is directly connected with control over his behavior.

Very often the foundation of behavior of children is laid by initial reaction of parents to this or that act.

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And here

And here Every time when I said: Boobs, boys laughed.

And here Nan when heard from me this word in a cottage, for some reason frowned.

Templ, decent people of such words do not speak!

Then she explained me that such boobs.

But was late the interesting word strongly got stuck at me in the head and continually flied from language at the most inappropriate moment.

The girl from my cottage together with whom we went on a dinner, explained to me in a whisper that with boobs of the woman feed small children.

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With reprimands

With reprimands All children, probably, share on those whom meet with pleasure, and on those whom meet indifferently, gloomy, angrily.

With reprimands and notations.

It is so simple!

When the son, how many to him was, leaves the house, mother every time and even if she has guests sees off him and always repeats: Is more careful on the street!

, and when will slap a door the son returned, mother meets him even if it has hundred guests!

meets with pleasure.

Where it went, we not always know and we cannot know, but mother all the same was with it, it left her, to her returned.

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Sounds: c, z, r, m, f, in, r. Syllables

Sounds: c, z, r, m, f, in, r. Syllables Game Catch a Sound R.

Allocation of a sound r against other sounds far on acoustic and articulation signs.

Sounds: c, z, r, m, f, in, r.

Syllables sa, ra, you, ry, mo, ro, fy, ry, ku, ru, pu.

Whether there is a sound r in words of som, porridge, cabbage?

And in the word a cancer: hand?

Occupation Development of acoustical perception and memory Otstukivaniye of a rhythm on a drum.

Breath exercises Development of a strong air stream.

The breeze turns leaflets.

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